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Camstand® ProClamp - For Desktop Photography / Macro Photography / Product Photography

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Camstand® ProClamp

Professional Desktop Photography Without A Tripod!

The CamStand ® ProClamp is the professional solution for securely clamping your DSLR or mirrorless camera to any table.

This portable professional stand is great for the replacement of a typical tripod. Tripods legs may pose a problem by taking up space and getting in your way of that perfect shot! No more tripping on tripod legs!

The CamStand ® ProClamp is great for desktop photography such as product photography, macro photography and even tabletop videography and animation such as Claymation!

The original CamStand ®  made in 2005 was designed specifically for the documentation of evidence. They appeared on the CSI television series and currently are used by Intel, Google, SpaceX, UL Laboratories, Kellogg's, Nike, US Department of Justice, US Army, FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, Lawrence Livermore Labs, pathology labs, fish and game, police departments, schools, universities, and colleges.


  • Heavy Duty Steel Clamp

  • Adjustable Sliding Post

  • Heavy Duty Alloy Ball-head / Quick Release Mount - Standard 1/4” - 20 Screw


  • Maximum height: 24"

  • Weight 4 lbs

  • Manufactured in the USA

Slight change(s) in specifications may exist without notice.