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CamStand ® Magic Stand

  • $ 4995
  • Save $ 1000

The CamStand ® Magic Stand is Simply Magical!

Camstand Magic Stand

The CamStand ® Magic Stand is a versatile smartphone desktop stand! With it's "Magic Arm" this stand is also infinitely adjustable!  

The CamStand ® Magic Stand is designed for video podcasting, interviewing, and interrogations and for depositions using a smartphone!

Additionally, it is great for document processing, scanning, and archiving photos, artwork, paintings, books, magazines by using your Smartphone, Webcam or Sports Camera!

You can save your documents in Evernote or any other cloud storage, create your best photographs of coins, stamps, jewelry, minerals, rocks, fossils, products business cards, and collectible cards.

Includes: Desktop Base, Articulated "Magic Arm", Swivel Joint Camera Head and Cell Phone Adapter


  • Max Height: <> 15"
  • Articulated Arm Joists
  • Articulated "Magic Arm"
  • Maximum Camera Capacity 1 lb
  • Weight: 2 lbs

Slight change(s) in specifications may exist without notice.

Not recommended for tablets.

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