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2020 CamStand's ..

Photograph as close as you want! ..

With your CamStand ® 

You can experience macro photography at its BEST!


With the CamStand ®,  you have the ability to photograph jewelry, stamps, coins, documents, books, drawings, paintings, lab samples, products, crafts with PRECISION DETAIL. You can get as close to your subject as you want!

CamStand's ® are used by the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, DOJ, US Army, Nike, Intel, Google, SpaceX, Whitman Publishing, Kellogg's, Vertis Communications, Johns Manville, Lawrence Livermore Labs, Harris Corporation and major universities such as Harvard, Texas A&M, Penn State, Stanford and Cornell.

CamStand's ® are rugged industrial camera mounting instruments to replace copy stands and tripods. They are designed to be used on a workbench, table, desk or in the field.

Digital, Film, Infra Red and Video cameras can be used with the CamStand ®.

Additionally, a 
CamStand ®  can be used for video podcasting, interviewing and interrogation archiving.

Photographers, teachers, podcasters, graphic artists, archivers, scientists, engineers, attorneys, law enforcement, and medical techs use the CamStand ®.

CamStand's ® are made in the USA.