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CamStand ® Scanboard 3

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CamStand ® ScanBoard 3

Desktop Smartphone Document Scanner

If you don't want to get rid of that mountain of paperwork and that lousy file cabinet full of documents, then read no farther!

Now, anyone can unleash the incredible power of your smartphone's camera!  Scanning apps for your phone to scan and save your essential documents are as close as your download button on your iPhone!  

You now can possess that "paperless office" that you have heard buzzing around the internet!  Now you can be the "Commander and Chief" of your documents!  

Stop the panic and anxiety of trying to find that necessary document! You will no longer waste your precious time trying to find the much needed important digitally saved document!   

Are you using a scanner now?  How much time and aggravation with paper jams and crunched up documents? Are you using a slow flatbed scanner?  With the CamStand® ScanBoard 3 these problems are a thing of the past! 

With the CamStand® ScanBoard 3, you now find those documents in seconds instead of hours!

I bet there were many times that you never found that document at all!!    Sounds like the time you had to lie to your teacher that the dog chewed up your homework?   

Just imagine scrapping your archaic filling system and have your documents OCR (Optical Character Recognition) scanned for easy and secure retrieval on your computer!  Now you can have the safe cloud-based storage that Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, can provide you!

The CamStand® ScanBoard 3,  is an impressive portable stand for securely mounting your camera or smartphone on a desk or table for "Desktop Photography", projection, electronic whiteboard (Boogieboard), "Video Casting / Streaming" and interviewing! Use with Google Chromecast or other wireless casting devices


The CamStand Ⓡ ScanBoard 3

  • New corrosion-proof stainless steel vertical and horizontal rods 
  • New glare-proof black colored HDPE baseboard.
  • Uses standard 1/4"-20 ball head camera mount so you can also mount Webcams and Sports cameras!
  • Disassembles flat to a 12" x 14" x 2" space. 
  • All parts have a 5-year warranty replacement warranty!

Made in the USA, the CamStand Ⓡ ScanBoard 3 utilizes stainless steel, aluminum composite, (cell phone Adapter Plastic and Brass) and baseboard is HDPE-High-density Polyethylene plastic (same as professional cutting boards).


  • Max Height: 18"Horizontal Arm Length: 8"
  • Base Dimensions: 11.5" x 13.5"
  • Maximum Cellphone Capacity Width 3.25"
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Slight change(s) in specifications may exist without notice


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