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Camstand® DeskPro Duo Smart Phone and Tablet Desktop Stand

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Camstand® DeskPro Duo

Smart Phone and Tablet Desktop Stand

The CamStand ® DeskPro Duo is the industrial solution for securely gripping any tablet or phone for hands-free use.

This rugged professional stand is great for using your phone or tablet for selfies, watching TV or a movie, playing games, surfing the internet, creating blur-less videos, photo booths, scanning business cards, podcasting, skyping, baby monitors, security systems and endless other uses. You can also mount small cameras, pico projectors and GoPros on this stand by removing the Tablet/Phone adapter.

The original CamStand ® built-in 2005 was designed specifically for the documentation of evidence. They appeared on the CSI television series and currently are used by Intel, Google, SpaceX, UL Laboratories, Kellogg's, Nike, US Department of Justice, US Army, FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, Lawrence Livermore Labs, pathology labs, fish and game, police departments, schools, universities, and colleges.


  • Heavy Duty Steel Base

  • Aluminum Post

  • Alloy Ball-head Swivel Mount - Standard 1/4” - 20 Screw

  • Spring Tensioned Dual Tablet/Phone Adapter


  • Maximum height: 12" (8” without adapter)

  • Horizontal Arm Length: 8" to 12"

  • Base Dimensions: 6"x 12"

  • Maximum Phone Width* 3.5”

  • Minimum Tablet Width* 4.5”

  • Maximum Tablet Width* 6.5”

  • Weight 1.2 lbs

  • Manufactured in the USA

*Measured on the narrowest side including case

Slight change(s) in specifications may exist without notice.

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