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CamStand ® 7 HD - Heavy Duty Camera Mount / Stand / Tripod

  • $ 15995
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The CamStand ® 7 HD (Heavy Duty) can handle cameras up to 8 lbs at a height of up to 48" without additional support! This stand is built like a "Sherman Tank", and is built for many lifetimes!

This rugged professional stand is great for extreme constant industrial use, photographing anything that your camera can handle! Use it for product photography, in the laboratory, surveillance, podcasting, projection systems, quality control, crime scenes, war zones, archaeological sites, photograph paintings or photographing a lava flow!

 The CamStand ® 7 HD is the latest version of the original CamStand ® HD that was used in Desert Storm and seen on the CSI television series. These stands are used by Intel, Google, SpaceX, UL Laboratories, Kellogg's, Nike, US Department of Justice, US Army, FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, Lawrence Livermore Labs, pathology labs, fish and game, police departments, schools, universities, and colleges.

Includes: Heavy Duty Base, 24" Standard 1/2" Pipe Thread + 12" Extension (36" Total), Horizontal Bar with Articulated Camera Mount and an "Exchange Guarantee" on Any Part for life!

Height: 24"/ 36" (48" maximum without additional support)
Horizontal Arm Length: 8" to 12"
Base Dimensions: 14"x 22"
Maximum Camera Weight: 8 Lbs
Weight: 8 lbs


Slight change(s) in specifications may exist without notice.

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